Flying Car Crashes Luxury Car Lot

The driver left the scene, leaving police with no suspect

Employees at Import Cars of West Chester returned to work on Sunday to find eight of their high-end vehicles in need of repair after an unknown driver crashed into them from above.

The pre-owned cars were damaged after a driver allegedly went airborne, landed on top of them and drove away, leaving police with no suspect.

“It’s very shocking -- it’s amazing," said shop employee Chris Albertson. "I’ve never heard of it anywhere. We are amazed whoever did it was able to drive off after it happened.”

The damaged cars included Jaguars, BMWs, Audis and a Cadillac, according to the police report.

The most damage was done to a Jaguar, which ended up with thousands of dollars in damage on its hood and front.

“It looks like he came and slammed down on the car... If you look here you can see the tire mark with the tread from the tires coming across the hood,” Albertson explained while pointing to the dinged up car.

Albertson believes someone was traveling down Market Street, hit a curb and pole and went airborne, causing his or her car to roll over the luxury vehicles parked at the dealership located at 700 E Market St.

“A little upset that nobody stopped or said or did anything,” said Albertson.

The shop plans to settle with their insurance company, get the cars repaired and decide what to do from there, according to Albertson.

The dealership is offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest.

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