“Lucky” Puppy Alive After Being Set Ablaze

PSPCA: Man set dog on fire in front of kids

Animal control officers say a 5-month-old pit bull is responding well to medication after a Philadelphia man set the puppy on fire because the dog allegedly nipped him.

The Pennsylvania SPCA took Rudy the pit bull from a home along the 1100 block of Stanger Street in Oxford Circle Friday, officials said.

The dog, who had extensive burns to his head, ears and face, will be in intensive care for five to seven days. He is not ready to be adopted just yet, a PSPCA official said. But those who would like to help can go to PSPCA's website and hit the "Donate Now" button.

Authorities say Rudy's owner John Fleet dumped chemicals on the dog and then set him on fire Thursday night as his two children looked on.

Officials were tipped off about the abuse after the traumatized kids told their teacher what had happened in their living room the night before.

The PSPCA confiscated accelerant, patches of burnt carpet and a charred sofa from the home.

"There was a couple different areas inside of the property that he was trying to light the animal on fire," PSPCA director George Bengal said.

Fleet, 33, has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

Dr. Kimberly Russell, a vet at the PSPCA, says Rudy is "fairly lucky" other parts of his body weren't set ablaze. The veterinarian also said there's evidence Rudy was burnt with cigarettes before.

Rudy will undergo extensive medical treatment over the next week.

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