Lower Merion Approves Unpopular Redistricting Plan

Protesters lined the sidewalks in front of Lower Merion High School in Ardmore, Pa. Monday night to show their distaste for a plan to shuffle around the student bodies of the township's two high schools.

Those protesters then marched inside the school to sound off one last time about the proposal.

The plan in question would take students, many who are within a 10 minute walk of Lower Merion High School, and bus them a few miles away to Harriton High School in Rosemont.

The Lower Merion School Board said the plan would bring balance to an imbalanced student population at Lower Merion High and allow students more class options.

The board held a 90-minute session Monday night, which included comments from the public.

In the end, the school board voted 6-2 to approve the plan.

Narberth and South Ardmore, predominately African-American neighborhoods, are most affected by the plan.

Also, some parents will no longer have a say in which high school their student attends, depending on where in the township they live.

The plan will not affect students currently enrolled in either school. It will go into effect in fall 2009.

Opponents say they may seek legal action to overrule the decision.

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