Local Universities Grapple with Post-Election Racism

St. Joe’s students put their studying aside Wednesday night to attend a town hall meeting.

This is the second town hall meeting in recent weeks after racist graffiti was found inside a campus building.

Lora Moore said she wanted to attend because she “lives on the same floor that it happened.” She said she wanted to learn more about what the school was going to do about it.

Freshman Tajh Restrepo said he wanted to attend because as an African-American student, the incident made him feel unsafe.

10 percent of St. Joe’s population is African-American. And St. Joe’s is not the only university dealing with what appears to be a recent rash of racism.

Four La Salle students say racial slurs including the "n" word were yelled at them near Wister and Chew over the weekend.

The students say they were later attacked and kicked out of a party hosted by Phi Gamma Delta after a verbal argument.

Freshman Kelsey White says she did not see it coming.

“Some guy just started swinging his arm and hit me in my face, my arm and as soon as he hit me I fell to the ground,” White said.

La Salle University has suspended the fraternity.

Then, on Friday, some leaflets that read “Your president is black. How does that make you feel?” made their way inside the campus paper at Lehigh University.

Students at St. Joe’s say the election of our first black president…coupled with these recent racial incidents are a reminder that we have come a long way toward racial equality – but still have a way to go.

Officials with St. Joe’s and Lehigh University said they are working hard to determine who is responsible.

All three universities have condemned the racist incidents.

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