Local Theater Supports Small Business Through Comedy Marathon

Comedy Show Lead
Tom Lovelund

A local comedy theater is offering shoppers laughs in exchange for supporting small businesses this Black Friday.

The Philly Improv Theater (PHIT) located at 2030 Sansom Street, will be home to the Black Friday Comedy Marathon. Hosted by the comedy troupe “Hey, We’re Cool,” the marathon is scheduled to last nearly two full days with 115 acts set to perform starting Friday at 10 a.m.

“If you don’t want to be out spending a couple hundred dollars, staying up all night in the cold you can just get up in the morning, have breakfast, come down here, pay ten bucks, and sit and watch comedy until Saturday night,” said Greg Maughan, PHIT Founder and Executive Director.

Hundreds of performers submitted to participate, making it tough to choose the best acts. There will be something for everyone, said PHIT Artistic Director, Ralph Andracchio.

“There’s improv acts, there’s sketch, there’s variety shows, and then there’s stand up as well through the whole thing," Andracchio said. "And then the late night bits that are kind of like, “What is this?” type shows.”

Tickets for the Black Friday Comedy Marathon are $10 but everyone has the opportunity to get in free of charge by shopping at local businesses around the Philly Improv Theater.

The Black Friday Comedy Marathon offers an opportunity to shoppers to support those smaller businesses as the holiday season kicks off, a time when the department stores are often flooded with people trying to take advantage of their sales.

Maughan, a small-business owner, said it’s important to support other locally owned shops especially.

“You can go to a small business around the theater, buy something and bring your receipt from that business,” he explained. “Or some businesses are going to have physical cards that say free pass that they’ll give you when you make a purchase”.

Follow @BFCM2014 and the hashtag #BFCM2014 on Twitter for updates from hosts, “Hey, We’re Cool” including backstage interviews with some of the performers. For more information on the Black Friday Comedy Marathon, including a full schedule of performances and where to get a free pass, visit www.blackfridaycomedymarathon.com or www.phillyimprovtheater.com.

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