Local Parents Recall Their Own TSA Nightmare

Marley and Russ Smith say their daughter's experience was much like the viral video of the TSA patdown of a little girl in New Orleans.

Following outrage over a YouTube video of a six-year-old girl who was patted down by TSA at the airport in New Orleans, a Philadelphia couple opens up about a similar scenario they say went down right here at Philly International.

Marley and Russ Smith of Bucks County say they travel frequently with their daughter, Aeryn, and that ever since the video of the pat down at the New Orleans Airport went viral, they can’t shake the memories of their now seven-year-old’s patdown a few years ago.

”It brought back everything with my daughter,” Marley Smith told NBC Philadelphia. “The next thing I know they’re putting a wand all over her -- up, down, sideways -- patting down her legs. I’m like you guys she’s only three.”

Much like the incident in New Orleans, the TSA patdown was reported, however, both sets of parents were told that it was common procedure.

In the New Orleans case, the TSA has found no wrongdoing on the part of its officer, but they do plan to review screening procedures for low-risk passengers.

The Smith’s aren’t happy.

For young kids, we’re always telling them. Don’t let strangers near you. Don’t let strangers touch you,” says Russ Smith. “Suddenly it’s OK at the airport to let a stranger touch you. Talk about mixed message.”

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