Local Musician Found Dead

Police are investigating the suspicious death of local musician Danny DeGennaro.

Police are investigating the suspicious death of a local musician.

Danny DeGennaro, 56, was found dead inside his family home on Crabtree Drive in Levittown on Wednesday shortly after 10 p.m. 

Police say he died of a single gunshot wound to the chest though they have not ruled his death a homicide.

"It could be homicide, it could conceivably not be homicide," said Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler. "We're evaluating all the options at this time."

Police say DeGennaro's roommate was in the basement of the home during the shooting. Investigators say he found DeGennaro unresponsive in the hallway and rushed to neighbor Nick Wilson for help. Wilson says he tried to revive DeGennaro after contacting authorities.

"He was back for a minute but it didn't last long," said Wilson. "He started taking a couple breaths but he wasn't responsive." 

DeGennaro was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. His roommate is not a person of interest, according to the District Attorney.

DeGennaro was a member of The Danny DeGennaro band, a “rousing original rock, rhythm and funky blues band with some of the finest most accomplished musicians around,” according to the group’s facebook page. DeGennaro sang vocals for the band and also played lead guitar.

DeGennaro also previously played guitar with the band Kingfish, the James Montgomery Band, Clarence Clemons and the Rio Band.

"Everybody's mourning, it's a very big loss," said Felicia Maldonado of Levittown. "He was a great musician. He performed at many places around here. I'm sure a lot of people know him and a lot of people are very upset."

DeGennaro is survived by a brother, sister and daughter in her 20's, according to the District Attorney. An autopsy will be conducted on Friday.

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