Local Cop-on-Cop Dispute Hits YouTube

Darby and Colwyn police fight over jurisdiction near the border of their boroughs

The Delaware County District Attorney’s Office is investigating a rivalry between Darby and Colwyn Police after a YouTube video surfaced showing a heated dispute between the two.

The fight began March 18 after a Colwyn Borough police officer was flagged down about a domestic dispute. The Colwyn officer arrested a man who allegedly punched a woman. The arrest evidently occurred about a block into Darby Borough.

After the Colwyn officer arrested the man, members of the Darby police force arrived on the scene and a melee began.

Darby officers, including Darby Borough Police Chief Robert Smythe, were apparently outraged that a Colwyn officer made an arrest on their turf.

"Get out of Darby, get out of Darby," Smythe yells on the video.

The Delaware County Assistant District Attorney Michael Mattson told the Inquirer that the office is investigating the incident, but would not comment further.

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