Loaded Gun Clip Found in Temple Student's Bag

Student to face disciplinary action for bringing ammunition to campus

A Temple University student will be brought up on conduct charges after a loaded gun magazine was found inside his unattended backpack.

Ray Betzner, Assistant Vice President of University Communications, says a professor found the backpack inside Wiess Hall Wednesday afternoon. Looking inside, the professor saw a loaded magazine and immediately called campus police.

Campus police were able to identify the bag’s owner as a current student and contacted him. The unidentified student told officers he was a gun owner and that it was kept at home. Betzner says the student did have a license to carry the weapon.

Betzner did not know the type of gun and ammunition, but said at no time was there a threat to the campus community.

Rumors have been running rampant on Twitter about the incident. Some students speculated a loaded gun was found.

Others thought the backpack and loaded magazine were found in Gladfelter Hall -- the same building where officials found a disturbing message in March referencing the mass shooting at Columbine High School.

Betzner says a campus alert was not issued because there was no threat.

It is against university policy to have ammunition on campus. Betzner says the student faces disciplinary action for bringing the magazine to school. It's unclear how severe the action could be.

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