Chester County

Horse Rescued From Covered Pool in Chester County

One rescuer placed a harness on the horse while balancing atop a ladder placed across the pool

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An unlucky horse had to be rescued Wednesday after taking an unfortunate spill in a Chester County pool.

Various people, including firefighters, surrounded the horse, which fell through a pool covering in what appeared to be a private property on Hunt Club Lane.

"It was half in, half out. The hindquarters were under water," said Jim Rapp, chief of the Malvern Fire Company, which helped in the rescue.

The horse, named Saffiyh, apparently jumped over or went through a wooden fence surrounding the pool. She was trapped for nearly two hours and only avoided drowning thanks to a fortuitously placed strap on the pool cover that kept her above the water line, owner Melissa Faris said.

Crews placed a ladder from one end of the pool to another, with one rescuer climbing across to attach harnesses on the animal. As the horse lay on her side, rescuers were able to drag her across the pool covering and onto dry land using a pulley system.

Once a safe distance away, Saffiyh was able to get back on her feet, a little worse for wear but seemingly OK and surely grateful for those helpful neighbors.

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