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Lion and Tiger Cubs to Grow Up as Siblings at Six Flags

Two big cats native to different continents, born within a week of each other, will be raised together at Six Flags Great Adventure’s safari.

The veterinary team welcomed a newborn siberian tiger cub and a newborn African lion within one week. When the mothers of both cubs failed to care for them, the team stepped in to hand-raise the cubs as siblings.

“Raising the cubs together helps to develop their socialization skills, and will enhance their chances of being successfully introduced to their own species at the safari when they are a bit older,” Dr. Ken Keiffer, a Six Flags veterinarian, said.

The cats do everything together, from eating to cuddling, but are also learning how to find their own personalities. Keiffer said the lion cub is much more relaxed, and the tiger cub is much more vocal.

It is an unlikely pair since the two would never meet in the wild. Siberian tigers are native to eastern Russia, China and North Korea while the African lions are found in, Africa.

The two cubs have yet to be named.

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