Bucks County

Map of Levittown Shows Recent Burglaries Both Localized and Widespread

A string of recent break-ins in Bucks County has some citizens worried for their safety and their belongings.

The above map shows a majority of Levittown and Falls Township, where there have been at least seven reported break-ins, burglaries and/or thefts from houses and cars in the last week.

Police don't think the same person is behind all the break-ins. Arrests have been made in two cases.

A few of the incidents occurred within a few blocks of each other, but others have happened in other parts of the township.

An arrest was made Wednesday for a theft on Nectar Lane. The suspect removed the license plate off a parked car, and was caught later that day.

The night of July 14, multiple thefts occurred on Grace Drive. One homeowner reported a man stealing a gas can filled with gas. Another said someone took the loose change from the inside of their car, which was not locked.

A $300 pair of prescription sunglasses was taken from another unlocked car on Doon Road overnight Tuesday, according to a release.

During that day, a burglar took four handguns from a home on Reed Avenue while the homeowner was at work. The thief may have been driving a bright, neon green vehicle, according to people who saw a car matching that description in the driveway during the afternoon.

A burglary on July 13 occurred on the 4000 block of Dover Drive. A wallet containing $300, an HP laptop, a cellphone, and the homeowner's 1996 Ford Taurus were taken overnight. The suspect was apprehended the next morning.

On July 10, a homeowner on Walnut Lane returned from vacation and noticed someone had come into the home from a rear window and taken jewelry.

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