Watch Lenny Kravitz Get Lost in The Borgata

Rocker couldn't find the stage in the sprawling casino for almost an hour

Casinos sure can be a scary place. Low light, rows of flashing machines hungry for your money and chain smoking, walker using seniors willing to take you out for their favorite chair.

Most of us have to navigate that gauntlet on our own as we try to win our way into fame and fortune, but for musicians and stars it's not usually a problem. Unless you were Lenny Kravitz on Saturday.

"We're lost…we can't find our way to the stage," said a confused Kravitz on a video he took.

It seems the rocker got separated from his handlers and went astray inside The Borgata in Atlantic City.

"Somehow I'm not with my tour manager and I don’t know where I'm going," he continued.

Kravitz chronicled his excellent adventure through the resort on his iPhone and later posted it to Twitter to prove to fans he wasn't blowing off his show.

"This is one of those real spinal tap moments," Kravitz said riding a hotel elevator over and over. "This s--- is crazy."

Once he made it off the elevator, Kravitz stood in a rotunda near the casino floor waiting for someone to notice him.

"I'm just gonna stand here until someone figures out that I need to be on stage," he said.

Funny thing was, no one did -- except for his fans.

"All you people think I got my stuff together and I'm so slick and so cool…I'm actually not," the musician said.

Kravitz was finally rescued by a Borgata security guard who led him to the resort's event center almost an hour after he was supposed to take the stage.

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