Lehigh Lacrosse Players Suspended After Snowball Leads to Off-Campus Fight

Three Lehigh University lacrosse players have been indefinitely suspended from the team and are not currently enrolled at the university after a thrown snowball developed into an off-campus fight.

Patrick Corbett, 22, Alex Eaton, 21, and David "Tripp" Telesco, 20, are suspended pending a university investigation into the events that occurred on Jan. 24 along the 200 block of E 5th Street.

That evening, according to police, the student-athletes were intoxicated and throwing snowballs, when one throw went in the direction of a car passing by. The 22-year-old driver, Sajjad Chagani, got out of the car, and verbal altercations turned first into air punches and a wrestling match, which then escalated into an actual brawl.

Chagani was punched a few times, and may have suffered a broken nose, according to court documents obtained by NBC10.

Corbett, Eaton and Telesco have all been charged with disorderly conduct, public drunkenness and harassment. Telesco is also charged with making an underage purchase of alcohol, in addition to having false identification.

Lehigh coach Kevin Cassese told Lacrosse Magazine the players could return once the university's investigation is complete.

"It would then be my decision and the athletic department's on whether or not they would return to the team, and, if they were able to, under what circumstances," Cassese said.

Court documents show the three student-athletes have all paid the fines that go with their offenses. The charges are all either summary-level or citations because no weapon was used and the victim did not suffer serious injuries, according to police.

Chagani is a 2013 graduate of Lehigh University, and was a captain on the Mountain Hawks' football team for which he played during his time at Lehigh. He is currently a Partnership Representative for Baseball, Men's Soccer and Women's Soccer at Lehigh while he is enrolled in graduate school at the university.

Chagani would not comment on the matter.

Corbett was a senior attackman for the Mountain Hawks. Eaton was a junior midfielder and Telesco was a junior defender who earned 2014 All-Patriot League honors.

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