Leave Us Alone: ‘Tan Mom'

The NJ mom accused of bringing her daughter into a tanning booth causing her to burn defended herself on "Today."

"Tan Mom," the woman accused of bringing her then 5-year-old daughter with her into a tanning booth in New Jersey causing her to burn took to the "Today Show" to defend her honor and ask the media to leave her -- and her family -- alone.

“Every allegation was completely wrong and I just want people to leave us alone,” Patricia Krentcil tells "Today."

In fact, the "Tan Mom," whose very bronzed exterior has become the inspiration for everything from jokes to dolls, insists that she and her family lead a very normal life. She tells Mara Schiavocampo in an interview that when her husband leaves for work she does was, makes pancakes and packs her kids' lunches.

Krentcil says the negative attention she's getting from the public -- and the media -- is upsetting to her five children and she just wants it to stop.

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"...I really think these moms and dads or whoever, need to step off and step away."

Krentcil, who's back in court on June 4, tells "Today," that daughter Anna "never went in [the tanning booth]," Insisting that she was "not near a bed." In fact, Krentcil maintains Anna was burned the old-fashioned way, playing in the yard without sunscreen.

Krentcil is charged with child endangerment for the April incident and could face up to 10 years in prison if found guilty.

But still, no matter how much flack she gets for her mothering, or her tan, she's not changing her ways, at least as far as her skin is concerned.

"And I'm sorry, I'm tan. I can be tan. It just feels good.


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