Lansdowne Woman Puts Self in Danger in Hit-and-Run Incident

Marc Walther

A woman who saw a hit and run in Lansdowne used her own car as shield, putting herself in direct danger, CBS Philly reports.

According to the article, authorities say a car hit a man on Baltimore Ave. near Union Ave Sunday night—but the driver didn’t stop, instead taking off. A woman in another car saw the incident and followed the driver. After he pulled into a driveway, she blocked his car with her own vehicle, the report says.

But it didn’t end there. CBS Philly reports that he slammed her car to try and get away, only to run off on foot. Authorities tracked him down a little bit later.

Police have told NBCPhiladelphia they arrested the male driver, Cory Swieder. He faces several charges, including leaving the scene, the article says.

The pedestrian did suffer head injuries, but is expected to be OK, according to the report.

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