Lame Duck: Angry Parents Claim Hatchimals Don't Work, Make Cursing Sounds

Nearly three dozen parents in Philadelphia-area complained that their toys failed to work properly, disappointing their children

The Hatchimal was one of the toughest gifts to get this Christmas season, but what was supposed to be a furry little companion has turned out to be a headache for parents in our area.

Some said the furry bird-like animatronic was a lame duck – either failing to break out of its shell as designed or not doing anything more than lighting up.

Others, like Patricia Crispell, believe the toy curses when it makes noise.

“I just turned it off and told her just turn it off and lay there with it and we'll take care of it from there,” she told her 9-year-old daughter.

Crispell, of National Park, New Jersey, said the $60-plus toy sounds like it’s saying “F--- Me.”

The mother said she called Spin Master, the company that makes the toy, on Tuesday and spent two hours on the phone only to be disconnected. They’ve yet to hear from the company.

NBC10 received nearly three dozen reports via email, social media and phone from Philadelphia-area parents who made similar claims of the toys malfunctioning.

One woman, named Megan, said two of the five Hatchimals her family purchased didn’t work.

Beth Royals said her family spent seven hours on Christmas Day trying to get the bird to hatch out of its shell. Eventually they just broke the shell themselves.

Many parents lamented that they spent hours waiting in line to get the toys and some paid more than retail price for them, only to have their children disappointed.

Spin Master did release a statement to NBC10 late Tuesday apologizing for any defective toys.

"Unfortunately, with toys that incorporate a high level of technology, there are also some cases where the product may not perform as expected. We are committed to doing everything possible to resolve these issues,” the statement read in part.

If you’re having trouble with the toy, you can call Spin Master’s customer care line at 800-622-8339.

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