Kutztown University Rallies Against Budget Cuts

State university tuitions could hike 33 percent

Kutztown University rallied against Gov. Corbett's proposed 50 percent funding cut to state-supported schools.

If the proposal is approved, state university students could end up paying about one-third more tuition said Kutztown's President, Dr. F. Javier Cevallos during a university forum on Tuesday, reports the Reading Eagle.

Faculty, students, staff, and administrators attended the presentation in Schaeffer Auditorium where President Cevallos revealed tuition could potentially raise from $5,804 to $7,660, a whopping 32 percent increase, according to the Reading Eagle.

The proposal would provide state universities $2 million less than they received in 1983.

The cut in funding would not only affect tuition, but possibly university positions as well as department cuts.

Students spoke out against the proposal during a student rally campus on Thursday.

"I already work at a convenience store to afford school, so a big tuition hike would have a huge impact on me," freshman Nicholas Imbesi told the Reading Eagle.

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