New Jersey

KKK Fliers Found Outside Homes in NJ Towns

The fliers include the messages “love your own race,” “stop homosexuality and race mixing,” and “join the Klan today.”

An investigation is underway after Ku Klux Klan fliers were found outside homes in two towns in Burlington County, New Jersey.

On Sunday around 11:45 a.m. police were called to a home on South Boulevard Avenue in Maple Shade after a resident found a KKK recruitment flier outside the house. Responding officers searched the neighborhood and found three more KKK fliers outside of two additional homes and a closed business.

“I am surprised,” said Sandy Sauselein, a Maple Shade resident. “I don’t know. It was a shock to me.”

The fliers, which were placed in plastic bags and weighed down with rice, include the messages “love your own race,” “stop homosexuality and race mixing,” and “join the Klan today.” The fliers also include a phone number with a North Carolina area code. When NBC10 called the number it went straight to a recorded message.

"Greetings you've reached the loyal white knights of the Ku Klux Klan," a man in the recording says. "The largest and most active klan in America."

Investigators believe whoever delivered the fliers doesn’t know the area well since one of the locations where one was found is a closed business storefront.

“There’s no room for that kind of hate here in Maple Shade,” said Lou Manchello, a Maple Shade council member.

Rita Strough also told NBC10 she found the flier outside her home in Cinnaminson, New Jersey.

"This was very disturbing to me," she said. "It just doesn't make any sense at all. They're afraid of something. What is it? What drives that fear? How can they not see the humanity in another person regardless of what God they pray to or what color their skin is?" 

If you have any information on who distributed the fliers, please call Maple Shade Police at 856-779-7111 or Cinnaminson Police at 856-829-6666.

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