Accused Underwear Burglar Busted for Upskirt Spying at KOP: DA

Man already accused of stalking a woman and stealing her underwear out of her home is arrested for allegedly using a camera to spy on women at the King of Prussia Mall

A man already accused of stealing underwear from a woman’s home was arrested again, this time for allegedly using a hidden camera to look up women’s dresses.

Kornwall Chan was arrested Wednesday and arraigned on charges including invasion of privacy and disorderly conduct after he was found inside the King of Prussia Mall with a hidden camera in his bag, according to a press release put out by Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman Thursday.

Ferman says that a man -- later identified as Chan -- was allegedly spotted back in September using a camera to look up a woman’s dress at the JC Penny store at King of Prussia. After that incident, Chan’s photo was distributed by Upper Merion Police.

Flash forward to Sunday when prosecutors say that a loss prevention officer at the KOP Lord and Taylor says she saw a man in the KOP Plaza near the JC Penny that looked like the man in the flier sent out last year.

Per Montgomery County D.A. press release:

Police officers located Chan at the mall and discovered that he was carrying a bag with a hidden camera inside of it. Police reviewed the video inside of the camera, which revealed footage of Chan following a woman in the JC Penny store and continuously placing the hidden camera underneath her skirt, showing the woman’s underwear.

Chan, 37, was already out on $100,000 bail after being arrested in January on burglary, criminal trespass, stalking, theft and related charges, according to court records.

Ferman’s release explains the earlier arrest:

In the January 2012 case, Chan met the female victim at the Oreland train station and, over the ensuing weeks, engaged in a course of conduct that made the female so uncomfortable that she began to actively seek ways to avoid running into him during her morning commute.

In addition, Chan burglarized the victim’s home, stealing only her bras and panties. During his time in the victim’s home, Chan turned all of the family photographs face-down with the exception of a photograph of the victim. Her photograph was left upright and moved onto the dining room table.

Bail for the most recent charges was set at $500,000. Since some of the newest allegations against the Dresher, Pa. man came while he was out on bail for the previous theft, prosecutors asked for his bail to be revoked.

That bail hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, according to court records.

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