Kids Terrorize Woman in “Catch and Wreck” Game

A gang of pre-teen girls and boys are randomly terrorizing people in a game called "Catch and Wreck" and Belinda Moore is their latest victim, according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

"I remember thinking it was a beautiful night," she said. "Before I knew it, I had people circling me and chanting, 'Fight! Fight! Fight!' " Moore told the paper.

She was walking home from her mother's house in Southwest Philly Friday night around 8 when the group attacked her.

"I was just begging them, 'Don't do this, I'm not bothering nobody. Give me my hat back,' " she said. "They were cussing at me and calling me a 'bald-headed b----,' " Moore said.

Moore, 41, said there were about 20 kids in all. Police thought it was more like eight and found out through talking to people in the area that the kids are playing a game called "Catch and Wreck" – where they find an unsuspecting person and beat them.

Moore was punched in the face and hit with a stick. She's the second random victim attacked this month in or near Finnegan Park at 70th and Grovers Ave., according to police. The first was a 73-year-old man who is still hospitalized from his injuries.

Police arrested a 12-year old girl after Friday night's attack and they are investigating two other kids, ages 12 and 11.

"I don't know if these kids hate society or hate life itself but I cannot believe they could do that to someone," she said. "Where is all that hatred coming from when you're only 11 or 12?"

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