Kidnap Hoax Mom Granted House Arrest

Bonnie Sweeten, the white Bucks County woman who faked an abduction, claiming she and her daughter had been carjacked by two black men, will get out of prison early and serve the rest of her sentence under house arrest.

Sweeten told a judge Wednesday that she was sorry for her actions and "didn't know who she was" back in May when she pulled the kidnap hoax and ran off to Disney World with her 9-year old daughter.

The 38-year old mother of three pleaded guilty to identity theft and filing a false police report in August. She was sentenced to a mininum of nine months and a maximum of 23 months.

During her four months in prison, Sweeten has been a model inmate and leader on her cell block, her attorney told the Courier Times.

In court, she told the judge she helps new inmates get adjusted and works in the laundry room.

Sweeten will have to serve two more months, which means she'll end up behind bars for a total of six months. In February, she'll be able to leave prison serve the rest of her sentence under house arrest.

Sweeten plans to live with a childhood friend in Trevose.

Federal investigators are looking into allegations that Sweeten took money from friends and former employers to finance a lifestyle that was beyond her means. The Bucks County D.A. said Wednesday that case is ongoing.

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