Cops Find Car Allegedly Used in Kensington Rapes

Police found the car they believe was used in multiple rapes, but they're not calling the driver a suspect just yet.

Police believe they found the car Tuesday that was allegedly used in three sexual assaults in Kensington in recent weeks.

Two Philadelphia Police officers on duty spotted the white 1999 Volkswagon Jetta and followed the driver into the parking lot of a Lehigh Avenue grocery store, sources told NBC Philadelphia’s Rosemary Connors.

The license plate (Pa. plate HVD-5131) on the Jetta matched the tag number investigators publicly released just hours earlier.

The car was towed away by police. The driver was taken into custody for questioning but he's not being called a suspect.

“It’s an individual from Norristown -- we’re not quite sure if the owner is the actor, is the perpetrator here -- maybe a family member -- we’re not quite sure,” said Special Victims Unit Capt. John Darby.

The driver is, however, is under arrest for unrelated DUI charges, police confirmed on Wednesday morning.

The suspect in the Kensington rapes is accused of cruising the Kensington Avenue corridor in the overnight hours and raping three different women, between the ages of 26 and 32, at knifepoint on three separate occasions last month.

Police say at least one woman took a ride in the car voluntarily, another was forced.

“We have now identified a third complainant, so we now have three cases, similar cases -- this is a crime pattern,” Darby said.

A child’s car seat was in the back of the impounded car.

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