Kennett Square Law Bans Parking on Lawns

Drivers in a Chester County borough will no longer be able to park on any grass surfaces, due to a new law the council passed last week

Kennett Square is now taking cars off the lawns and putting them back on the streets.

Last week, the Borough Council made a 4 to 2 vote in favor of amending its property maintenance ordinance to stop the problem of vehicles parking on grassy surfaces.

If you decide to park your car on grass for an extended period of time, you will now face the possibility of being fined up to $300.

The new law pertains to people who park on their own lawns within their property as well. A Kennett Square officer says that an environmental problem is the reason behind the law.

"To me, this is a quality of life issue... That's what is driving this. The borough is required under storm water management to stop unnecessary contaminants from getting into our storm sewer," Rusty Drumheller said in a Daily Local News report.

The borough codes enforcement officer also said the oil and antifreeze that leak from vehicles find their way into the groundwater supply, which eventually becomes drinking water for residents.

The ordinance is not meant to target people who temporarily park on grass, but its meant for people who keep their vehicles on grass for a long period of time.

The law will be in effect starting July 23, 2012.

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