Kathleen Kane Gets Parking Ticket During Perjury Sentencing

Kathleen Kane isn't having a good day.

As the disgraced former Pennsylvania attorney general sat in a Norristown courtroom Monday afternoon asking a judge to go easy when sentencing her for a perjury conviction, a meter maid hit Kane's car with a parking ticket.

Well, at least the black Land Rover, she arrived to court in.

The SUV Kathleen Kane arrived to court in for the sentencing hearing in her perjury case was slapped with a parking ticket as she sat in court.

The $28 ticket was issued for an expiring meter at 1:01 p.m. -- about two hours before she was slapped with a 10 to 23 months jail sentence.

Kane left court in a different black SUV, a Montgomery County police truck, which took her to the county correctional facility in Eagleville for processing.

If the ticket isn't paid in five days, the fine will increase to $38.

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