AG Kane to Get Chance to Argue Against Judge's Contempt Hearing

Lawyers for Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane are scheduled to be in court to argue why she shouldn't have to defend her actions in a contempt of court hearing.

Monday morning's session was scheduled in Montgomery County court.

Judge William Carpenter initially ordered Kane to explain whether that she had committed contempt of court by firing a prosecutor, James Barker. Barker had testified in a court-ordered investigation into allegations that Kane's office leaked secret information.

Carpenter had previously barred Kane's office from retaliating against witnesses in the investigation.

But Carpenter agreed to hear arguments first by Kane's lawyers. They want Carpenter to recuse himself, saying he's biased against Kane, and they say his order barring retaliation expired before Barker was fired. In any case, Kane says Barker's firing wasn't retaliation.

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