Judge Removes Convicted Trenton Mayor from Office

A New Jersey judge has ordered that Trenton Mayor Tony Mack be removed from office following his conviction on corruption charges earlier this month.

N.J. Superior Court Judge Mary C. Jacobson ruled on Wednesday that Mack should no longer run the capital city of 84,000 residents.

Mack had been fighting the removal saying he should be allowed to hold office until he's formally sentenced.

On Feb. 7, Mack was found guilty of extortion, bribery and fraud after being caught accepting $119,000 cash in exchange for the development of public land. His attorney argued he was the victim of entrapment.

The mayor refused to give up his office and fought to hold the position citing his appeal of the conviction.

The ruling also bars Mack from holding any other public office. Mack will be allowed to keep personal contributions to his pension plan, but any city contributions will be taken back.

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