Jon Stewart Sings Carol About Mall Stun Gun Brawl

Early morning Black Friday fight went viral around the nation and world

Comedian Jon Stewart has weighed in on the now infamous stun gun fight at the Franklin Mills Mall on Black Friday.

On The Daily Show Monday night, Stewart replayed the video clip of the fight -- first brought to light and shown by -- and piped a little Christmas tune about what transpired.

"My nuts roasting on the floor of the Costco, guard dogs ripping at my face; but the deal I got on these set of pants, totally worth it," he sang in the tune of Nat King Cole's The Christmas Song.

The fight between what appeared to be two couples, one with a baby in a stroller, took place at 2:30 a.m. on Friday, not long after the Northeast Philadelphia mall opened for Black Friday shopping.

In the brawl, which was recorded by a fellow shopper, two women go at it, with one clearly using a stun gun. Bright light and the crackling sound produced by the defensive device can be seen and heard on the video.

"Just something about the holidays; reminds us how we like to gather with our loved ones around the crackle of a stun gun," Stewart said in the segment.

Video of the fight went viral on Friday and over the weekend, garnering nearly 1 million streams on alone, from locations across the United States and around the world.

Stun guns are illegal in Philadelphia and Philadelphia Police are investigating the incident, which was not reported to authorities until the video aired online.

Stewart's final quip sums up how the rest of the nation views the city -- thanks to fights like this.

"That's just Philly though man, we just know that's just a little spirited," he said.

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