Jon Stewart Compares Camden to Afghanistan

Daily Show host takes a cheap shot at Camden

Jon Stewart didn't help out Camden's image on the Daily Show Monday night when he compared the struggling city to Afghanistan.

“It actually looked a little bit like Camden, New Jersey, quite frankly” mused Stewart after a short video played of news legend Dan Rather traveling through an “urban” Afghan neighborhood.

The comedian’s stab at Camden seemed innocent enough -- a little quick comment made under his breath while introducing Rather. But, the faux news man did compare Philly's neighbor across the Delaware to a war zone.

The cheap shot by Jersey’s own Stewart didn’t sit well with Camden officials especially considering the city’s rep as being a dangerous place.

"Does Stewart have the nerve to come and actually say that to Camden residents?" asked Councilman Gilbert Wilson.

“We’ll give him a tour of Camden and we’ll show him what people don’t see,” Wilson told the Courier Post.

Wilson wasn’t the only politico upset by the insult. Mayor-elect Dana Redd wasn’t too happy with Stewart’s comments and current Mayor Gwendolyn Faison said she wished that Camden could get the same attention Afghanistan does, according to the Courier Post.

Decide for yourself if Stewart was out of line. Stewart takes aim at Camden around 37 seconds into the embedded video.

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