Jobs Could Be a Click Away

What is someone to do when your employer gives you the pink slip?

The folks over at Career Link can help.

They have offices that give potential job seekers help with everything from resumes to job referrals to training opportunities. You can even use their computers to search for job openings.

Career Link is just for Pennsylvania residents but don't fret, both New Jersey and Delaware offer similar services.

Here are the top three things you should do if you get laid off, according to Joyce Cerubo with Career Link.

First: Put together a plan of action. How are you going to make your job search effective?

Career Links and other Job Search places can help you assess your resume and cover letter.  Does it play up your skills and target jobs that would fit your qualifications?

Second: Learn the sites to search online -- again, make sure your job search is effective.

Third: Always write thank you notes. A lot of people think that thank you notes aren't needed but they can't hurt and add a nice personal touch.

Of course some of the people who have recently gotten jobs may offer one simple piece of advice: Get resumes started and/or updated. Always include a cover letters and send them out consistently -- they should help you get interviews.

Here are the links for the Tri-State Area: A lot of help is available right on line.
Job Help in Pa.
Job Help in N.J.
Job Help in Del.

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