Jimmy Fallon Donates $20,000 to Penn Students Raising Money for Maria Victims

"The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon donated $20,000 to Penn students raising money for victims of Hurricane Maria.

NBC late night host and comedian Jimmy Fallon lent a huge helping hand to students at the University of Pennsylvania who are raising money for victims of Hurricane Maria.

The Daily Pennsylvania first reported the Tonight Show host donated $20,000 to the “Students with Puerto Rico” campaign, organized by three Penn students. A spokesperson with NBC later confirmed Fallon’s contribution.

The student organizers of the campaign are working with representatives from 85 other universities across the country to raise money for Unidos por Puerto Rico, a public-private initiative helping victims of Maria. So far "Students With Puerto Rico" has raised more than $100,000.

The Category 4 storm made landfall in Puerto Rico on September 20 and caused widespread devastation and power outages for the approximately 3.3 million people living on the island. Puerto Rico could face months without electricity. Maria also hit two other Caribbean islands hard, killing at least seven people on Dominica and one on Guadeloupe. Click here for information on how to help victims of Maria.

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