Jet Makes Emergency Landing at Philadelphia International

Airport was closed for a brief time because of the emergency

A jet made an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport after having landing gear trouble Sunday evening.

The US Airways Express regional jet operated by Air Wisconsin was traveling from Norfolk, Virginia to Philadelphia when its crew reported an emergency after the left, main landing gear unable to be extended.

The crew attempted to resolve the issue in the air, but were unsuccessful. They then proceeded with making a landing.

"The aircraft came in and landed on it's right gear," said Lt. Michael Grant of the Philadelphia Fire Department.

Sparks could be seen flying from the left wing of the aircraft as it skidded down the runway to a stop, according to a Air Wisconsin spokesperson.

There were three crew members and no passengers on-board the aircraft.

Emergency crews doused the plane with fire-retardant foam as the crew were evacuated. No injuries were reported.

The airport was closed for a brief time following the landing. All departing and arriving flights were delayed, according to airport officials.

All runways except for the one where the incident happened reopened around 6:30 pm Sunday. Officials have advised travelers to contact their airline to see if their flight had been effected.

You can check your flight status, by clicking here or by calling 800-PHL-GATE (800-745-4283).

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