#ItsATrap: Jersey Devil-Hoarding State Police Warn of DWI Checkpoints

New Jersey State Police, claiming they have the Jersey Devil in their possession, dug up a clip from “a galaxy far, far away” to warm you #ItsATrap.

State Police posted to Facebook about its plan (along with a video of Admiral Ackbar’s famous line from Stars Wars: Return of the Jedi) to set up DWI checkpoints in parts of South Jersey this weekend and they want you to know why even if they are joking about where fine money may go.

“This Saturday, June 4, 2016, the New Jersey State Police will set up sobriety checkpoints in the Maurice River Township, Cumberland County and Toms River, Ocean County areas,” wrote state police.

“Now, before some of you blow your gaskets, just think about this for a minute. We're announcing WHEN it's going to happen. We're announcing WHERE it's going to happen. If you get mad because our checkpoints disrupt your drinking and driving, well, too bad. [[381765971, C]]

“The purpose of announcing the checkpoints is to hopefully deter people from getting behind the wheel after drinking. The goal of the checkpoints is to prevent drunk drivers, not make arrests.”

State police even anticipated possible anger over the fines that could be gained from checkpoints by having fun with Garden State folklore.

“What's that we hear? Ah yes, it's the conspiracy theorists banging the war drums. What? Money grab? Entrapment? Well, you got us. It's true. The fine money collected from the DWI checkpoints is used to pay for the expenses of housing, feeding, and scientific experiments performed on the Jersey Devil. Yes, that's right, we captured him 13 years ago during a DWI checkpoint in South Jersey. It's a big, State secret. Shhhh!”

The simple way to avoid being pulled over is to not drink and drive, say police.

“If you plan on drinking anywhere in this state or beyond, have a designated driver, arrange for transportation or stay where you are. It’s not worth the risk of hurting or killing yourself, a friend, a loved one, or innocent motorist.” [[257191461, C]]

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