Cute Alert: Elmwood Park Zoo Names Jaguar Cubs

The force is strong in these two cubs, who were born just three months ago and are already stealing hearts with their adorable antics. The brother and sister are the first of their kind to be born into captivity this year, an important milestone for this threatened species.

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Elmwood Park Zoo
You can help name this cute duo of jaguars.
Elmwood Park Zoo
Montgomery County's Elmwood Park Zoo has revealed the names of these adorable twin cubs.
Elmwood Park Zoo
The brother has been named Diego. He currently weighs 15.5 pounds.
Elmwood Park Zoo
The sister is named Luna. She's a little smaller than her brother, coming in at 13 pounds as of her most recent check up.
Elmwood Park Zoo
The winning names were picked during a 2-month contest open the public. Other popular choices were Pablo, Fiego, Maya and Frida.
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In the end, these two little felines were names after Mexican actor Diego Luna, who recently starred in "Star Wars" standalone movie "Rogue One."
Elmwood Park Zoo
Diego and Luna are the first jaguars born in 2017 in an accredited facility.
Elmwood Park Zoo
Jaguars are considered a “near threatened” species due to the continued loss of their natural habitat.
Elmwood Park Zoo
The 3-month-old cubs will debut to the public May 5 when the Trail of the Jaguars opens for the summer season.
Elmwood Park Zoo
Until then, the twins are enjoying each other's company and wrestling over new toys.
Elmwood Park Zoo
Money raised from their naming contest will go towards the Northern Jaguar Project, an organization that has created and maintains a safe-haven sanctuary for jaguars and other wildlife in the American Southwest and northern Mexico.
Elmwood Park Zoo
Jaguars are the largest of South America's big cats. They once roamed from the continent's most southern tip up to the U.S.-Mexico border.
Elmwood Park Zoo
Today, these hunters are only found in the remote wilds of Central and South America.
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