Int'l Fugitive Caught, Returned to Chesco

A man wanted for allegedly stealing more than $250,000 from an elderly Chester County resident was located abroad and returned to our area

Forty-two-year-old Jack Mayer was found by police in the Domincan Republic after fleeing criminal charges.

Mayer was charged in 2011 by the Downingtown Police for allegedly stealing $262,035 from an 84-year-old.

Police say he contacted the East Caln Township resident by telephone and informed him that he had won millions through a lottery and that he had to send cashier's checks to an account to cover taxes and fees before the money could be released.

The victim sent the cashier's checks, but grew suspicious and contacted police when the suspect hit him up for more money.

And apparently, the Chesco resident wasn't Mayer's first victim.

Police say the defendant used the same scheme to steal from a 91-year-old North Carolina man and an 88-year-old Texan.

“This defendant was preying on elderly and vulnerable victims. His crimes are appalling and his flight was further evidence of his consciousness of guilt," Chester County District Attorny Tom Hogan said. "We would have gone to the moon to bring this defendant to justice."

Mayer is being held at Chester County Prison.

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