Inspired by a Pa. Woman Who Ran Out of Beer, Coors Light Is Giving Out Six-Packs

Tweet @CoorsLight with the hashtag #CouldUseABeer

Coors Light Beer Can

Sometimes, what the world needs is for a 93-year-old Pittbsurgh woman to remind us of our shared humanity.

That includes our shared love of beer.

Coors Light is giving away 500,000 free beers to anyone who deserves one (yes, this can include yourself) after being inspired by Olive Veronesi, the Pittsburgh woman who was photographed last month standing at her front door, holding up a sign that read, "I need more beer!"

Coors sent Veronesi 10 free cases. And then they realized the nation's thirst went deeper.

So Coors has launched an advertising campaign to give anyone nominated a free six pack. The goal, according to the commercial, is to counteract the pain of the coronavirus pandemic, which the ad admits is a "sucky, suck suck suckyness of historical proportions."

Just Tweet @CoorsLight and explain why someone (again, could be you) #CouldUseABeer. Yes, you have to be 21. You'll get a special code to give to your buddy or use.

“So many brands are trying to articulate how people are feeling, tugging on the heartstrings,” Britt Nolan, North American CCO for ad agency DDB, told AdWeek. “What we found is that it’s really hard to articulate how people are feeling right now. It just sucks. And it sucks differently for everybody.”

“We did spend some time thinking about what was the perfect word to describe what we’re going through right now,” Nolan said. Brands are "all playing the same emotional note right now. But I think the thing you can’t forget is that brands can be a social levity for people, especially beer. Beer should lighten the mood.”

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