Mouse, Bug Infestation Shuts Buxco Carrabba's

More than a dozen infractions found with some repeat offenses, officials say

A phone tip from a concerned caller led health inspectors to a local Carrabba’s, where they discovered more than a few unsavory surprises.

Inspectors with the Bucks County Health Department checked out the Italian chain's Bensalem, Pa. restaurant located along Tillman Drive Monday after someone tipped them off to the conditions last week.

The inspection report details a disgusting array of infestations -- a repeat offense for this location -- including "dead mice, mouse droppings, flies, roaches, dead roaches, and earthworms observed throughout the facility."

Among the other repeat offenses listed were “food debris, stagnant water, [and] mold accumulating on the food prep sinks."

Inspectors also found decayed food inside the refrigerators, broken glass at the bar, mold and animal droppings on equipment, and the use of broken storage containers.

New infractions such as moldy ice bins, opened food containers containing mold, and dirty storage areas for eating utensils were also uncovered.

Carrabba's called the inspection results “completely contrary to our standards and unacceptable" in a statement.

"We sincerely apologize to our customers and we are devoting all necessary personnel and resources to remedy all deficiencies found in the inspection."

Carrabba’s, Inc. also promised to coordinate with the health department to fix all the site’s problems and to set a high bar for cleanliness going forward.

The restaurant plans to reopen its doors on Tuesday.

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