What Fumo's Life Would Be Like in Prison

Right about the time you get your tan going down the shore, Vince Fumo will find out if he's spending his summer (and possibly a lot longer) in federal prison.

Prosecutors will push for at least ten years, considering his convictions on all 137 counts in his corruption trial.

We checked in with the Federal Bureau of Prisons to find out what a typical day is like and where Fumo would be tucking himself in at night. Don't think The Shawshank Redemption. It wouldn't be a maximum-security prison. It would likely be a minimum-security prison camp for white-collar criminals where there is more freedom to move around. The closest to home would be Ft. Dix in New Jersey or Allenwood in central Pennsylvania.

Here's the daily schedule:

6:00AM                 Lights on
6:30AM                 Breakfast
7:30AM                 Work call
11:00AM               Lunch
3:30PM                 End of The Work Day
4:00PM                 Count
5:00PM                 Dinner
9:00PM                 Compound Closes
11:30PM               Lights Out

The good news is, it looks like the work-day is really just 8 hours (some of you crazy-busy types might consider that a respite).

And if Fumo went to Ft. Dix, he would be among friends. Former City Councilman and Fumo protege, Rick Mariano, is serving time there.

On the day Fumo was convicted, Former U.S. Attorney Pat Meehan -- the man who brought the original corruption charges against Fumo -- basically quashed any notion that white-collar criminals enjoy any country-club type amenities.

"There is no pleasure in prison," Meehan told NBC10's Tim Lake.

He said the best thing Fumo could look forward to behind bars, "is a job in the library."

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