Ice Jam Beauty on Delaware River

A massive ice jam has formed on the Delaware River. These photos capture the large mass of ice's beauty.

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Andrew Kots
An ice jam in the Delaware River is forcing water on to area roadways in an unusual winter overflow reminiscent of the January 1996 flood.
Andrew Kots
NBC10 viewers sent in their ice jam images. Andrew Kots captured the beauty of the ice jam in Trenton.
Andrew Kots
This time around the mile-long ice jam stretches from the area about a half-mile south of the Route 1 bridge to just past the Calhoun Street bridge
Andrew Kots
The Coast Guard sent boats upstream Thursday to break up the ice jam and help loosen any restrictions preventing water from flowing downstream.
Andrew Kots
The NWS also extended a Flash Flood Watch for areas downstream from the ice jam -- including Philadelphia, Trenton, Moorestown, Mount Holly, Morrisville and Doylestown -- until Friday morning.
Andrew Kots
"When this ice jam breaks, there may be enough water behind the jam to cause flash flooding downstream," the NWS alert read.
Andrew Kots
Forecasters say the river is at 19.3 feet and fluctuating below the flood stage of 20 feet. The river is expected to fluctuate throughout the day.
Andrew Kots
About 30 miles downstream in Philadelphia, the Delaware was still dotted with large sheets and chunks of ice. However, the ice was not packed together like in the Trenton area.
AFP/Getty Images
Ice chunks floating in Delaware River across from The Whiskey Barrel in Gloucester City.
Christine Maddela
Ice jam on Delaware River in Trenton. Coast Guard sending boats to try to break up the ice.
Andrew Kots
If the rains are heavy, it could cause even more problems in flood-prone areas.
Andrew Kots
It stretches from bank to bank -- which is an average distance of about 900 feet wide at that point. In some areas, the ice pieces were pushing out of the river and onto the riverbank.
The 1600 block of Wagner in Logan. A neighbor has broken pipes and water is flowing down from this home past the homes.
The formed ice has caused a nuisance.
A barn in Salem County is covered in ice after a pipe burst.
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