I-95 Speed Limits in Delaware Will Increase to 65

It may soon take less time to travel through Delaware on Interstate 95.

By the time beach season rolls around, Delaware state officials are planning to increase the speed limit from its current 55 mph to 65 mph across a large portion of the interstate in Delaware.

According to the Wilmington News Journal, Delaware Department of Transportation officials announced Tuesday that the change will allow police to devote time to aggressive and high-speed driving, while also reducing large speed differences.

"I don't expect a significant change in driving speeds based on this change," Chief Traffic Engineer Mark Luszcz told the Journal. "The 65 mph limit is much more reasonable. That's the speed drivers feel comfortable at the road, and that's one of the factors in setting speed limits."

Specifically, this would take effect as far south as the Maryland state line and as far north as the I-495 split just south of Wilmington, and would not affect the Wilmington area speed limits.

A January report found the median speed on southbound lanes near the Delaware Turnpike rest area was 72.1 mph, a number that exceeds current posted signs by over 17 mph.

"Operating speeds are closer to 70 mph for much of the limits of I-95 within Delaware," the report from DelDOT stated. "The low, existing speed limit is not practical or reasonable based on the measured performance of vehicle on the roadway and the favorable crash history."

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