Pickup Crashes Into Iconic Main Line Deli

A truck smashed through one of the most popular Jewish-style delis in the area this morning.

The pickup smashed right through the front window of Hymie’s Merion Deli on Montgomery Avenue in Merion Station, Pa. just before 6 a.m. startling employees inside who were preparing for deli pickups.

"It was a large, loud sound like an explosion," said employee Harry Zeisler. "It was very scary."

Lower Merion Police remained mum through the morning about the cost as they investigated what caused the driver to lose control of his pickup, jump the curb and smash into the deli.

Employees, however, did explain what they saw.

"I saw a gentleman getting out of the truck, staggering a little bit with some blood coming down his face," Zeisler told NBC10's Monique Braxton.

The driver of the red Dodge Ram was taken away by ambulance, employees said.

None of the three Hymie's employees inside was hurt.

The pickup took out the entire front seating section of the restaurant. The restaurant will remain closed until at least tomorrow, according to employees.


The Barson's deli counter opened shortly after 7 a.m. but was shut down by the Montgomery County Health Department shortly before noon.

Customers who showed up to find employees sweeping up glass, bricks and other debris were grateful things were not worse.

"Good thing it wasn't an hour later," said one customer. "Usually right now this whole place has a lot of people in it."

When the restaurant reopens could depend on what building inspectors find. Late in the morning crews could be seen putting up boards over the damaged section of the facade.

Hymie's, an institution in the neighborhood since 1955, is known for its pickle bar, breakfast, sandwiches and deli counter. It is also a popular catering spot for private events.

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