Hurricane’s Weekend Forecast: Another Nice Weekend

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In general, we’ve had really nice weather for the past 7 weekends in a row. And that has been the case from the Poconos to the Shore. This weekend will be another one, with the partial exception at the Jersey shore on Sunday.

The cold front that moved through with all the rain last night is now offshore. And the very muggy air we’ve had for the past couple of days is going with it. Not only is the heat wave over-we’ll have low humidity and clean air this weekend!

But the front is going to stall just offshore, as a storm that will NOT hit us moves northward in the Atlantic:

Note the high pressure centered just north of Pennsylvania. Normally with a position like that, the showers just off the Jersey Shore would continue to move out to sea. But also look at the bottom right. That’s an area of low pressure (either tropical or sub-tropical, but it doesn’t matter). Now look at the Sunday map:

The high has disappeared by Sunday, while the LOW has gotten much closer to us. In effect, the LOW is “pushing” the moisture back toward our area, and blocking it from continuing out to sea. The LOW will move away from land Monday, so it’s not a direct threat. But it indirectly may cause more clouds and even a shower chance Sunday, especially in New Jersey.


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(And, in case you were worried, “Danny” will have absolutely NO impact on the U.S. East Coast this weekend).

Phila. area: Sunny and less humid. High 84. Chance of rain near zero

NJ Shore: Sunny and less humid. High 80. Chance of rain 10%. Wind from the Northeast 10-15 mph. Ocean temp: 67. Watch out for increasing rip currents.

DE Beaches: Partly sunny and still humid. High 82. Chance of rain 5%. Wind Northeast 10-15 mph. Ocean temp: near 80. Increased rip currents.

Poconos: Sunny and pleasant. High 76. Chance of rain near zero.

Phila. area: Mostly sunny and warm. Still not humid. High 86. Chance of rain 10% at any one spot

NJ Shore: Sun & clouds with a slight chance of showers. High 80. Chance of rain 20%. Wind Northeast 10-15 mph. Rip current risk.

DE Beaches: Mostly sunny. High 82. Chance of rain 10%. Wind Northeast 10-15 mph. Rip current risk.

Poconos: Mostly sunny with low humidity. High 78. Chance of rain 10%

Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz
Chief Meteorologist, NBC10 Philadelphia

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