Sandy Preparations Along the Coast

Along the coast of New Jersey and Delaware, people are getting ready for a significant storm

Hurricane Sandy is coming, but there's still a lot of uncertainty of where it's going to hit. The storm has the potential to bring major coastal flooding in New Jersey and Delaware.

With a few days advance warning, people at the shore are making preparations to ensure their homes and property are safe.

Homeowner Jyoti Keswani made the trip from his North Jersey home to his seasonal home in Long Beach Island after seeing Sandy's track.

"I've been watching it for the last two or three days and I saw this morning that it's headed this way," said Keswani, who says he's pulling in all the patio furniture and grill.

Keswani told NBC10's Marisa Brahney he didn't want to take any chances after he lost outdoor furniture during Hurricane Irene, which also shattered his home's windows.

"I will take all the furniture in, I will take that umbrella off the roof," said Rudy Wenzel, a Long Beach Island resident. "I will take all the furniture up there off. If it really gets serious I will make sure the flow-throughs and everything are not blocked."

NBC10's Doug Shimell visited the Rehoboth Bay Marina, where people are pulling their boats out of the water.

"The call volume had been heavy, so we’ve been very busy taking boats out because with the storm coming it’s too risky to leave the boats in," said Justin Redefer of the Delaware Marine Group.

Emergency workers in Sussex County, Del., are also getting ready for what may come. The Director of Sussex County Emergency Operations says that everything he's seeing tells him Delaware will get hit with something.

"The way this storm is continuing up the coast," Joe Thomas said, "I’m going to be looking at wind, rain and potential flooding issues."

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