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How Is Hurricane Dorian Impacting the New Jersey and Delaware Coasts?

Hurricane Dorian's impacts along the Jersey shore and Delaware beaches will not even be close to the destruction left in the Bahamas and Carolinas

What to Know

  • As Hurricane Dorian moves northeast, the impact of the storm is being felt along the Jersey shore and Delaware beaches.
  • Dorian's outer bands could bring dangerous rip currents, strong wind gusts, heavy rain and minor coastal flooding to our region.
  • The impact on our region won't come anywhere close to the destruction left in the Bahamas or effects on the Carolinas.

As Hurricane Dorian traveled up the East Coast, lashing North Carolina's Outer Banks Friday, the effects of the storm were being felt along the New Jersey and Delaware coastlines.

A tropical storm warning is in effect for waters off the Cape May shoreline and Delaware beaches Friday morning. The warning means sustained winds around 40 mph or greater are expected due to a tropical storm in the next 36 hours.

As the eye of the storm packing 90 mph winds moved over the North Carolina Outer Banks midday, the effects of the outer bands were felt by folks along the Delaware beaches and Jersey shore.

However, since the storm is only grazing our region, the effects locally will be far less severe than what was experienced in the Bahamas and what is currently being feld in the Carolinas.

Here is what we expect Dorian to bring to our area (updated midday Firday):

Dorian Churns Up the Surf, Brings High Rip Current Risk to New Jersey and Delaware

The predicted path of Dorian keeps the storm well off the coasts of New Jersey and Delaware, but still brings a high rip current risk that remains in place through Friday night.

Waves could break at 6 to 10 feet along the coast.

Anyone who goes into the Atlantic Ocean will face dangerous conditions, the National Weather Service warned.

"Stay out of the surf," the weather service said. "If you are ever caught in a rip current, relax and float. Do not swim against the current. If possible, swim in a direction following the shoreline. If unable to escape, face the shore and call or wave for help."

Since it's after Labor Day, there are far fewer lifeguards, if any, standing guard.

Some beach patrols could choose to close beaches entirely.

What to Expect From Dorian at the Delaware Beaches

Besides the rip current risk, there are coastal flooding concerns as the storm gets closer to our area. The dangerous seas include areas along the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane Warnings are in effect well off shore.

Hurricane Dorian’s path went right over the Outer Banks of North Carolina Friday.

A tropical storm warning is in effect for coastal waters from Cape May, New Jersey, to Cape Henlopen, Delaware, and from Cape Henlopen to Fenwick Island in southern Delaware, where wind gusts could top out at 52 mph, the weather service said.

Bands of rain from Dorian are hitting Friday. The rain is expected to be heavy at times -- picking up during the day, espcially in Sussex County -- and brings a threat of minor coastal flooding. Some roads in low-lying areas could be closed due to rising water. High tide comes around 2 p.m.

Strong winds topping out above 35 mph are expected to gust through the day.

Beach erosion is also a significant concern, especially at beaches susceptible to erosion.

The high on Friday is expected to top out in the low-to-mid 70s.

What to Expect From Dorian at the Jersey Shore

As in Delaware, the impacts of Dorian will be felt along the Jersey coast. A tropical storm warning is in effect for coastal waters from Great Egg Inlet to Cape May, New Jersey, Friday.

Some early bands of rain arrived Friday morning. The rain could pick up steam in the afternoon.

Strong winds, already gusting around 30 mph Friday morning, are expected throughout the day -- with heavy rain at times -- as the outer bands of the hurricane brush the Jersey Shore.

Minor coastal flooding and significant beach erosion are also concerns. High tide comes around 2 p.m. Friday.

The high on Friday is expected to top out in the low 70s.

Once Dorian Passes Our Region

Expect the sun to return on Saturday as temps push up to around 80 degrees along the coast.

Keep checking back with the NBC10 Weather Team on air, online and download our app for the latest on Dorian as the storm moves closer to our region.

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