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How Questlove Threw a Philly Party for Prince on the Fly

When Prince asks you to throw a party for him in your hometown, you don’t say no -- even if he asks you do it while you’re sitting in the audience during one of his concerts.

Philly musician, DJ and Roots member Questlove jumped into action a few years ago during Prince’s show in South Philly. He called in help from his business partner who had to find a pool table (at Prince’s request) and have it lugged up to a fourth floor lounge of a city club.

Last year, Questlove retold the experience, which oddly included playing Pixar’s "Finding Nemo," in an illustrated video for the musician’s website Okayplayer. You can watch it above.

The video recirculated online Thursday after Prince's sudden death at his Minneapolis home. The music legend was 57.

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