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How Philly Closes Out the Night: A Jim’s Steaks Sing-Along

Jims Steaks Sing-a-Long
Johnny Showcase

Cheesesteaks. South Street. Boyz II Men. People breaking out into soulful song.

It doesn’t get more Philly than that.

Those forces of Brotherly Love-dom collided at 3 a.m. Friday inside Jim's Steaks as a line of joyful partiers came together to show their Philly pride by channeling our most-famous boy band.

The (slightly off-key) result is enough to remind us all that our city, despite all the typical challenges, is like no other.

Singer Johnny Showcase, of "Johnny Showcase & The Mystic Ticket," posted a video of the sing-a-long to Facebook.

New York may never sleep, but Philly knows how to close out a night.

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