How Many Police Officers Does It Take to Lasso a Pig?

New Jersey police received a unique call on Saturday and now their Facebook page is getting more attention than they ever imagined.

“Just how many cops does it take to lasso a pig? The answer is 3,” Woolwich Township Police Department posted on their Facebook page.

The department received a call about a pig on the loose, so Sgt. Rieger, Cpl. Cook and Ptl. Ouellette responded to the need.

cops and a pig
Woolwich Township Police Facebook

After finding the pig, the three created a makeshift lasso and lured it back into the owner’s yard.

What did they use to lure the pig?

Some Facebook members joked saying it should have been bacon, but, no, they used dog treats.

The team assures that no pigs were hurt in the capture and encourages everyone to post their "best pig/bacon/cop jokes in the comments."

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