Mt. Laurel

Phone Scheme Targets South Jersey Hotel Guests

A phone scheme targeting New Jersey hotel guests reaffirms the golden standard for phone etiquette: never disclose financial information.

Travelers staying at a hotel on the 500 block of Fellowship Road in Mount Laurel reported Tuesday that callers claiming to be hotel staff attempted to swipe their personal financial information, said Mount Laurel Police.

Some even fell for the years-old trick and had to deal with the consequence: identity theft.

Here’s the gist: someone makes a call to hotel guests and requests their credit card number and CV code. They can have a million reasons for doing it (“our computer lost the information,” “there was a problem with the card”), but it ends the same: fraudulent charges on the guest’s card.

The best way to avoid the hotel problems is to remember the importance of keeping financial information secure. Never disclose numbers over the phone, as convenient as it may seem.

Some guest alerted the hotel of the strange calls.

Anyone with information should contact Mount Laurel Police.

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