Crushing Records Around the Region as Temps Push Into the 90s

After a day of record heat, expect a drastic temperature drop that lasts into the weekend

What to Know

  • After a day of record heat, expect seasonable temps that are slightly below average to last into the weekend.
  • High temps were smashed Wednesday in Philadelphia, Trenton and Wilmington.
  • Showers accompany a cold front that will drop highs into the 60s for the rest of the week.

The calendar says October, but the weather feels like August. And, this type of heat at this time of year hasn't been felt in Philadelphia in nearly eight decades.

Records fell around the Philadelphia region Wednesday as temps pushed into the 90s in the early afternoon.

By 2 p.m. the high in Philly was at 93. The last time the high in Philly hit 90 in October was 1941 when the official reading was still located in Center City, rather than at Philadelphia International Airport.

With the humidity high, it felt even hotter with the feel-like temp in Philly at 96.

Besides Philly, temps in the 90s caused records to fall in Atlantic City, Reading, Trenton and Wilmington, where it felt like 99 degrees. Even Allentown's record of 92 was at least matched.

The heat and humidity won’t last as we go from sweating to sweaters. A cold front, bringing showers to some neighborhoods, passes through late Wednesday into Thursday, slowly bringing in cooler air. The further north you are, the more likely you will get rain and even thunderstorms.

The rain, however, won't likely be what people will talk about Thursday, rather it will be the drastic drop to chilly temps.

The high on Thursday is only expected to be in the mid 60s, slightly below the normal average around 71. Chilly highs in the 60s then last into Friday -- as winds kick up -- and Saturday.

Dry conditions are expected for Sunday's Eagles game as a warmup to the mid 70s is expected.

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