“Horrors” Trial Roundup: Jars of Feet & the Race Card

We’re taking a look at all the media coverage on Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s murder trial. NBC10.com has extensive, daily coverage on the case here. This is a look at what other outlets are saying.

Jars of Fetus Feet
Dr. Kermit Gosnell cut off the feet of several aborted babies and preserved them in jars inside his West Philadelphia clinic, according to court documents. The Philadelphia Inquirer calls the collection a macabre mystery and hones in on the testimony of a neonatologist who was asked whether there is a medical reason to save the feet. His answer: No.
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Playing the Race Card
Dubbed a monster, Catholic Online blasts Gosnell and his defense for suggesting he’s being treated unfairly because he is African-American. Gosnell is called several names in the piece -- including evil. They also call the sentence of 20-to-40 years for former clinic worker Adrienne Moton “astoundingly short.” Moton testified Tuesday admitting to cutting 10 babies. She previously pled guilty to third-degree murder.
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“Conveyor Belt of Infanticide”
Mark Steyn with the conservative magazine National Review questions why these murders haven’t resulted in a national debate over abortion. Steyn points to the tragic massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary and the recent debate over guns – as a parallel. He also previously blasted the national media for a lack of coverage in the case.
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Illegal Termination
The trial is getting attention on the other side of the pond. The U.K.’s Daily Mail newspaper outlines the entire case for readers -- including the testimony of the mother of one of the murdered babies. The paper also outlines his past earnings and how Gosnell previously told a judge he was too poor to afford representation.
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